Infinium – we come from a place, where life is vibrant and filled with the “New”

We are a young and innovative company, that complies the requirements of modern
digital technologies and with the flawless quality of performance we provide.
Starting our activity in 2019 we already have a bunch of finished projects, and a lot more
in working progress. Our model of work is built on modern
solutions, a both fresh & unique approach and non-universal solutions for our clients. We
also like to save a lot of money by being flexible and responsive with your personal needs and vision.

With clear vision about today’s technological standards and solutions, we are determined
to provide you with the best quality services you can find on the market. Leaning towards
individual approaches, we don’t hesitate to replace old practices and bad working habits
into the right solution for you and your development in the digital world.

We believe that the passion in life flows into the activity that one performs. Our team
is filled with passion, and we can’t wait to show you that! Ensure your success now, with us.

Why Infinium?

We are up to date with current solutions in the technological world
We are in compliance with the current state of the Bulgarian market
We are flexible and responsive to individual needs

We save loads of money and rely on a modern model of work
We have a unique approach, we do not rely on universal solutions.

Affordable & quality digital solutions for you, from us., choose us for the best solutions.