Why You Need A Website For Your Business?

If you’re wondering if your business needs a website, the answer is YES! Taking a look at the statistics above, your business needs a website from the day of it’s creation, but better late than never. Here in Infinium we like to say that those who aren’t present online, don’t want to be noticed. Let’s see why business owners want and don’t want to be noticed by online consumers.

What Should My Site Be?

The website for your business has to be nothing less than a professionally made, eye-catching, functional, practical and sales increasing website. This is the home and representative of your business in Digital Space, and it has to show the uniqueness of It’s existence. Most owners of small and mid-sized business are skeptical in regards of “throwing a bunch” of money for a website, but in the same time they wonder how to market their business and drive more customers. A little illogical right? If the person X is ready to advertise his business, but not in Digital Space because “his” clients don’t look for this kind of service or product online, this will lead to negative results in the development of the business – Long Term. Today people do everything online – shopping, booking hours and vacations, and mostly looking for the best.


The phone was an incredibly innovative technology and in the end of the 19th century it changes the way consumers do business. Almost every household gets a phone until the 1930s, and businesses even before that figured out that this is a great way to advertise. Can you imagine your business without a phone? No, because it’s almost impossible to operate a business without making phone calls, as it’s almost impossible for your business to have a successful online presence without a website.

In general, the Internet changed the way people do business a lot more than the phone, because of the fact It creates a really unique experience for the consumer who comes across your business online. He can actually see what you offer, the way you think, rates by other customers and a lot more thing associated with your business. Let’s not forget people surf the Internet mostly via their phone, which shows us how the usage of the phone is also affected from the creation of the Internet. Be online, It will help!

Why do I need a website?

  • You add value & earn trust.

You add value to what you offer and increase the trust your clients have in you. Studies show that 56% of people wouldn’t even consider using services of a certain company if It doesn’t have a website. Also 73% of people reading reviews online, believe 100% in them. It means that the bigger part of the clients you lost because of not-having a website, would believe a recommendation from someone else. Today’s people look for the other’s opinion, and mostly online. The website is a wonderful place where you can give away your expertise. Create a direct encounter with you opinion for your users.

  • You will make more money.

81% of consumers research companies and their services online, prior to making a purchase of a product/service. The website is there to show your clients why to choose you, and it’s there 24/7 – 365! It’s your employee who works when you can’t, It’s always tuner on and it’s constantly representing you in front of your customer’s eyes.

Recommendations, Certificates, Licenses.

We love recommendations so much, that we mention them again.

In your website, you can centralize all recommendations gathered from satisfied clients, so the visitors of your website can read & believe them.

You are certified in the field you’re developing your business. Wonderful! When you upload your certificates on your website, you add more value in the eyes of consumers.

Licenses are mandatory in a lot of sectors, but in Internet everything can exist. There are so much companies around the world, and a big part of them are in the grey sector. Licensed businesses always have the needed data showcased in their website, to show their legitimacy.

  • It’s not that expensive, nor that hard.

With today’s technologies, creating a website is far cheaper than 10 years ago. Taking in mind that your website will give you a lot more than it costs, it’s definitely worth paying for it. The possibility of using a Freelancer who will develop a website for cheap.

Most companies have a very eased-up procedure for orders and they work fast. Also with today’s platforms for Freelance services, you can choose among thousands of freelance specialists.     


TAKE THE DECISION NOW! – The rest is from us.

images from pixabay.com