How have recent events made the shift to remote work, be even more rapid?

The behavior of consumers has changed a lot in recent times. This has created the need for more on-demand e-commerce marketplaces where people can shift a big portion of their work in the office online. The B2B & B2C sectors are currently struggling to meet the requirements of distanced work.  That’s why they turn to on-demand marketplaces. Let’s imagine you’re a  psychologist, lawyer or business consultant and you have a live 1-1 session on skype. You try to log in, but It doesn’t seem to work there is some sort of error and the skype team will reply within the inconvenient 48 hours. You can’t work right now, or at least your work is disturbed and you are forced to look for another way to manage the disturbance. Which is time consuming at least.

The Office

Stubbornly enough, even with the development of Internet & digital technology today the office is still refusing to retire. Back in the day everyone dreamt of the perfect office-job, nowadays people dream of working from home. A lot of companies, Fortune 500 as well are actually supporting this dream and making it a reality for a lot of their employees. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that 50% of the company’s personal will be able to go home-office within the next few years. Other companies are not different either, In Bulgaria even after the fall of the “crisis” companies still leave their employees at home. People ask why, well because work efficiency has improved, employees are happier and everyone gets to spend LESS. Yes, you spend less by not buying refreshments at the office, you don’t pay large electricity bills, you aren’t closed off between walls, you are just home, home and happy.

After recent events like the global pandemic, companies found it difficult to shift so rapidly because there aren’t so many instruments that are efficient enough to allow them this major change to happen as fast as they’d like.

The Change

Although I’m sure that there are some brilliant tech startups with the big idea to change this soon, It’s yet to be real. The truth is people and businesses occupied in different sectors of the economy, are still struggling to make it happen online. The change is on It’s way, and It’s only a matter of time before the world gets filled with new solutions in e-commerce.

You can stay traditional, and you’ll most probably see a drop in your revenue. Another option is to join the innovative trends and make effort to shift online, after all in the Internet you can market and actually sell your services to more people than when you’re trapped in your office. The Internet is a great place to do business and people nowadays are using it more than you can imagine. It’s not about being like others, It’s using what others have made and getting the most out of it.

I think people should allow themselves and their activities to prosper, by implementing digital technologies in their everyday work. It’s quite the method to succeed – Tested And Working!


Ignoring online possibilities in business, is like not creating it.


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