What Do You Choose, a Freelancer or a Company?

When hiring a Freelancer to work on a project, you need to pay attention to a two main factors.

  1. Nice Portfolio

  2. Client recommendations

Putting those two factors under attention, helps you get more knowledge of who you’re working with. If he has low-rating and a few bad reviews there’s a good chance the specialist you’re looking at won’t deliver a good end product. The portfolio is also important when choosing who you will work with because if you choose a person without much past projects, he is most likely underexperienced , has little knowledge in the area and will lead to disappointment in the end.


Positive side:

  • Narrow-expertise

The independent nature of Freelancing offers you the specific skillset needed for your project. Choosing to work with a freelancer with a differing portfolio from what you need, leads to the appearance of risks.

  • Flexible schedule

A lot of the Freelancers out there have a lot of time, since they’re not working on schedule, and this offers quicker development. However quicker development might be sloppier as well, so don’t get  overexcited about the short time-frame offered and think twice.

  • Lower prices

Yes, the prices that Freelancers offer for development are lower than those of agencies & companies. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main reasons 30% of Top 500 companies hire on Upwork, cheaper labor & shorter time-frames.

Negative side:

  • Management

It’s very hard to make sure that the Freelancer is working on your project. Actually they might have organization & time-management issues as well, which makes it hard for them to meet the deadline for delivery.

  • Risks

There is always the risk of a person who doesn’t have much formal responsibility to simply say “Goodbye”. Most of the Freelancers will never risk getting a bad review, and will never turn back another addition to the portfolio, but still you can never be too careful when it comes to where you spend the budget for your project. It’s very easy for a Freelancer to disappear right after he’s gotten his payment.

  • Low quality

Even with the platforms available today, it’s still hard to find a dedicated, easy to work with Freelancer. When you need to hire multiple freelancers like a front-end and back-end developer they might not be able to communicate with each other properly, which will lead to a mess. Also, there’s a bunch out there interested only in their profit & own success working with little attention to detail, leading to a sloppy website. There’s also the scenario where the Freelancer just disappears after your website starts running, and when you look for them for support with issues they are nowhere to be found.

  • No maintenance

In the unlikely event a Freelancer will be able to provide you with support & maintenance, it will most likely be pricy and not so great. After all, you will probably be working with someone trying to make an extra buck with a skill that he or she has.


Advantages of using an IT company:

  • Dedication

When using a company’s development services, you have to consider what the company will dedicate to your project, and in most cases it is something.

The company as mentioned will pick out suitable employees for your project and will arrange a whole meeting, to discuss all the steps for the development of your project. You will have a group of professionals most likely educated by their employer in different fields, which in some way guarantees flawless quality of performance.

  • Partnership

Most companies provide full-cycle services, with outstanding quality for the long-term. They embrace the idea of repeat-business and will most likely offer you more than you think you are interested in obtaining for now. This helps companies sell more of what they offer, and gives you what you need without you knowing you need it.  Not to mention that almost every time you get a free support pack with the base price of what you’re ordering. Most big companies offer 3-6 months free 24/7 support, and smaller companies have some way to respond at any time to any client.

  • Stability

The company is a fully legal business entity, providing you will all the documents confirming the legitimacy of your deal and all the conditions tied to it. With Freelancers you risk being scammed or being the victim of low-quality products or services and not being legally able to do anything about it.

  • Management

Companies offer great communication, giving you accurate & regular reports with no failed deadlines and constant quality control over the performance on your project development. This is rarely found when working with a freelancer. As a matter of fact, only 28% of Freelancers are actually Freelancing full-time, which means that most of the people you work with will treat your project like a second income source, not giving you the quality an IT firm would deliver.


The cons of working with a company.

  • High pricing

Yes, the high prices are common when you work with a digital company or agency, and in a lot of cases this is a factor that pushes people away from choosing to work with a company. However when you think in the long-run you will definitely save more money establishing a partnership with a company then to hire freelancers every time you need help in the Digital sector. In the end putting quality digital technology in front of cheap substitutes is the key to success in the Digital World, and quality has a price.

Final Conclusions


Analyzing the pros and cons of working with Freelancers, we get to a few points.

  • It’s cheaper, but risky.

  • You get the product faster, but not every time.

  • Partnerships are limited.

  • You might not receive a quality product.

  • If you hire a team of Freelancers, it might not work out for all.

  • You might be in the darkness for some time, not having info about your project.

  • You don’t have any legal protection against fraud.


Working with a company will surely give you a few things.

  • Your project will probably have a dedicated team of professionals doing what it takes to finish the project within deadlines.

  • If you have a dedicated team, the team has a dedicated Project Manager, giving you updates on exactly what’s going on.

  • As mentioned, you will have information both upon request & by default not only in the development process but you get free consultations, technical updates & free support.

  • You save money in the long run, taking advantage of discounts and free features that your digital partner offers you, cause you’re amazing.

  • You have full legal rights to what you buy, certified by different documents and signatures. If something goes bad, the law has your back!

  • When you repeat business with your go-to digital company, you get treated more than just well, you are what a company values most.


Here at Infinium we respect quality, and we exist to deliver it. We don’t just tell you we will deliver within deadline, we guarantee we will deliver on time. We work like tomorrow is everything, and value partnership most. Don’t just avoid being present online and let’s talk about your project.

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